Wondering how to get your clothes business up and running or fed up of paying for stock that sits around? 

If your nodding I am pleased to inform you we now have a zero set up cost, 

zero stock cost and zero equpiment cost business model with unlimted design options.

Here is an example of how this model works

We add your design on to a tee and you put it up for sale on Facebook to your friends & family.

Laura from Wargrave buys your Tee at £25.Winner!!! 

 You visit our website where you tee design is already stored and buy from us at £15.

We print your design on to the tee and ship out to Laura on your behalf. 

 So far cost's £0, Profit £10, Then Repeat!

This is called

Print on Demand Drop-Ship Service

​We’ve built our drop shipping service to give you exactly what you’re business needs.

Ethcially threads, competitve pricing and a customer support team ready to shoot the trouble out of your problems.
With drop shipping you don’t spend money on stock and don’t get stuck with stock you can’t sell.
Sounds perfect for any aspiring fashion brand or artist, right?
​Every product we offer can be DTG ( Direct to garment) printed and drop shipped on your behalf. ​

Drop shipping is simply having products shipped directly from supplier to customer.

It cuts out holding stock yourself and you only have customised products printed when they're ordered.

1) Your customer places an order through your online store.

2) You forward it to More Lord Merch, either manually or through integration.

3) We process the order and print your products.

4) We pack and ship the order straight to your customer in plain cover.



Want to chat over your ideas? Have some questions ?  Where would you like assistance? 

Clothes Consultacy /​ Logo Design / Web Store / Social Media / Range Choice / Personalisation / Drop Ship 

call us on 0207 101 4002 or email the design team at [email protected]